Zamals London Increase Sales through Google Shopping Ads

Our Scope With This Client:

Google Shopping Ads Management

Our team has worked diligently to implement the latest best practices in Google Ads and Shopping campaigns to ensure maximum effectiveness and ROI. We have created a more comprehensive account structure, optimized the product feed, and refined targeting to reach the most relevant audiences.

Furthermore, we have implemented advanced tracking measures to accurately measure the impact of our campaigns and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. This will allow us to continuously improve our strategies and deliver even better results.

Taking the first steps towards success

Why They Came To Us

We are thrilled to have been approached by Zamals London, a leading cosmetic company, to take their Google Shopping Ads account to the next level. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and helping our clients achieve their business goals through targeted and effective digital advertising strategies. Upon reviewing Zamals London's current situation, we discovered that their previous PPC management agency was not providing them with the necessary reporting or access to their Google Ads account. We understand how important transparency and accountability are to our clients, and we take pride in providing them with the highest level of service and communication.

The Strategy

Our attempts to transition Zamals London's AdWords management account from their previous agency were unsuccessful, and we were unable to leverage all of the valuable data they had collected over time. However, our team remained committed to delivering exceptional results and worked diligently to create a brand new Google Shopping Ads account that would meet their business objectives. After conducting thorough keyword research and analysis, we launched a new Google Shopping Ads campaign that targeted the specific services offered by Zamals London. We also implemented smart bidding strategies to reduce costs while maximizing ROI. While it was unfortunate that we were unable to access their previous data, we used our expertise and experience to build a new account structure that would deliver the best possible results for their business. We closely monitored performance and made ongoing adjustments to ensure that the campaigns were achieving their goals.

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We are thrilled to report that after developing new campaigns for Zamals London’s Google Shopping Ads, the leads generated from their ads have soared to new heights. During the first week of implementation, they were receiving 10 sales per week. However, with our optimized campaigns, they are now generating 60 sales per week.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we were able to achieve this impressive increase in sales while keeping the budget the same. By carefully analyzing their business objectives and target audience, we were able to create a more targeted and effective campaign structure that delivered exceptional results.

The 6X increase in sales generated for the same budget is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach and the skill and expertise of our team. We understand that delivering results and driving ROI are crucial for our clients, and we take pride in exceeding their expectations.

Our efforts to optimize Zamals London’s advertising campaigns have resulted in a significant reduction in their cost per acquisition (CPA). During the first week of advertising, their average CPA was nearly $50 per inquiry.

However, after 9 weeks of closely monitoring performance and making strategic adjustments, we were able to reduce their CPA by an impressive 62%. This reduction in CPA is a testament to our commitment to driving results and delivering exceptional ROI for our clients.

We were able to improve Zamals London’s conversion rate by an impressive 45%. This increase in conversion rate is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results and maximizing the ROI of our clients’ advertising spend.

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