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By optimizing and scaling paid advertising programs on PPC, Shopping & Social Advertising channels.



We generate more traffic for you by creating leads to arrive at your website via PPC campaigns utilizing sniper targeting.


Our leads become conversions and purchases, we optimize for the most revenue and ROI of your business.


We target audiences based on specific criteria to re-target them back into your business, creating more leads and even more revenue!

Our Services

Google Ads Management

Google Search Ads are online ads that target specific keywords related to your business. We will make sure your advertisement shows up when someone searches you on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, and other search partner networks. Whenever a potential new customer is searching you online, we’ll make sure you show on the search engines to the right people at the right time!

Facebook Ads

To expand your reach, we can setup advanced Facebook advertising campaigns to get you more leads, get repeat business, and find new business through digital marketing and social media ads. Our Facebook ad strategies put your business in front of the right target demographic and geo-targeting for your service area.

Remarketing Ads

If a website visitor did not purchase or contact you right away, remarketing ads are a great way to bring visitors back to your site, especially for longer sales cycles in some industries. We’ll design an advanced remarketing/retargeting strategy that makes sure website visitors come back to complete a purchase or become a new lead for your business.

Display & Banner Ads

Banner ads are a great way to broaden your reach online before customers start searching for you, or even after. We know how to target the right demographics, website placements, verticals, topics, and contextual keyword targeting to get your banner ads in front of the right buyers on the right websites. This ensures you are not wasting money on clicks that don’t turn into more business for you.

Native Advertising

Our PPC management team can setup Native Ad campaigns to target your potential customers while they are engaging popular blogs, news, and other article websites. This is a top PPC strategy for content marketing, lead generation, e-commerce, product launches, and more. Native ad networks like Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, and Taboola can target your native ppc ads to specific website topics, demographics of your target audiences, and more!

Social Media Ads

If you are wanting to go beyond the search engine ads, our team is also highly trained and experienced Twitter ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram ads, and Quora ads. Based on our advanced research, we’ll find which platform your target market uses and plan a social media advertising campaign for you.

Shopping Ads for E-Commerce

If you business has an E-Commerce website, we can help increase sales with Shopping ads on Google, Bing, and Facebook. Product Listing Ads, or PLAs, are a more effective way to display your products and boost sales online. We’ll make sure your potential customers are finding and buying your products online. Standout from generic Search and Banners, start using shopping ads to increase sales!

Mobile Ads

If your potential clients are heavy smartphone users, our experts will make sure your ads also target the right audiences in mobile ads. We can get you results from mobile website ads, mobile app ads, Call-Only or “Click-to-Call” ads, and mobile search ads. With mobile search ads increasing, you’ll want to make sure your business shows on all devices for PPC ads.

Video Ads - YouTube

Websites like YouTube, News sites, and other video sites are very popular for online searchers wanting to find answers from videos. For entertainment, how-to videos, news, and information, online videos are a great choice place to get your video advertisement in front of your target demographic in a more engaging and memorable way than a text ad or banner ad.

What Clients Say

"Omg SRGROW has been so wonderful with helping me lay the foundation for my business. From SEO, Emails, Blogs, Social Ads, & Suggestions. SRGROW is very responsive and dedicated to helping. SRGROW is also a great communicator. I recommend SRGROW for their great services".
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Owner, JaszyGirl, USA
"SRGROW has been a tremendous team member. Over the course of 3 months, we went from 3 downloads to 90. The results were incredible considering we had a very tight budget. SRGROW is prompt and organised. Going the extra mile when SRGROW didn’t have to. One trait I am most fond of is SRGROW's continuous learning to become a better marketing strategist. I am sure SRGROW will bring plenty of value to your company".
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Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia
"Very understanding (especially in such difficult times), I really enjoy working with SRGROW and hope to continue.".
Founder, ZahMal London

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