A Cello Coach Based In New York Increases Signups

Our Scope With This Client:

YouTube and Meta Video Ads Management

The Improvsiors Guide To The Cello approached us to help them generate signups thorogh YouTube Ads and Meta Video Ads. The goal was aggressive campaign scaling, while lowering conversion costs with a fast approaching deadline.

Taking the first steps towards success

Why They Came To Us

We understand that advertising in our industry can be tricky due to strict policies on YouTube ads and Meta video ads. However, we're committed to keeping our account running and reaching as many potential students as possible. That's why we've launched a campaign to generate leads and increase signups before our pressing deadline.

The Strategy

At The Improvisor's Guide To The Cello, we're committed to helping aspiring musicians achieve their full potential on the cello. And thanks to our recent advertising campaign, we're excited to announce that we've been able to increase signups by up to 46%!

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During this critical period, we took over their campaigns and focused on YouTube and Meta Video ads. We’re thrilled to announce that our efforts have resulted in a 20-fold increase in traffic and a 29% improvement in cost per conversion.

We understand the importance of regular spend on YouTube Ads and Meta Ads to reach our target audience effectively. That’s why we closely track our data and make constant optimizations to improve thier results.

Our efforts paid off, and we’re thrilled to announce an average drop in cost per lead by 30%. This means we can reach more potential students while keeping our advertising costs under control.

After just two weeks, we’re thrilled to announce a 46% improvement in our conversion rate. This incredible result was achieved through hyper-tailored ads and an improved campaign structure, designed to speak directly to our target audience.

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