Our Case Studies

Effective Google Shopping and Bing Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping Campaign and Bing Shopping Campaign drive a crucial part of today's online sales. I've helped an online store (Africanchalkandclay) based in the USA grow through Google Shopping Campaign and Bing Shopping Campaign and helped increase sales with a Great ROI and low CPC cost.

Brand Awarness and Sales

Selling through Shopify online store it's pretty exciting and challenging. I've helped an online women's shoes and accessories store (Misunderstoodshoes rebranded as Jaszygirl) based in the USA with brand awareness and sales through SEO, Facebook Ads, and Insight Analysis.

Android and IOS App Install Campaign

Google and Facebook App Install/Download Campaigns both are a great way to get download your app by your targeted users. When I came across an online grocery shopping app based in Melbourne, Australia. It was a great challenge to stay ahead of the competition. I've helped the business grow through their App Install campaign with a great ROI and CPI.

Stocks Leads

Grew Stock Sales for WallStNow

Google Ads, Native Ads and Social Ads Campaign Results for Gaining More Sales for their clients on US/ Canadian Stocks. Increased Online Sales by above 400% Conversion Rate Increased by 175% Reduced Cost-Per-Lead by 39%.