Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Best Tips To Generate Roofing Leads

Roofing Leads

Google Ads versus Facebook Ads. Generally speaking, which one is better?

Which produces better roofing leads?

Is it Google or is it Facebook?

Now, the way I wanna structure this video is I wanna give you a kinda side-by-side comparison, that way you can get a better understanding as to what I believe to be the better platform to generate those leads from.

So where I wanna start off right now is the two types of searchers. This video is gonna be a little bit more biased, because, I’ll tell you right out the gate, I generally prefer Google Ads. And here’s why: We have two types of searchers online.

The Facebook Searcher

One being the searcher who is just going to Facebook to kind of browse around, spend some time, check up on family, friends, see what they’re up to, and kinda just see if they see anything cool.

And if you just so happen to need a roof at the time in which that ad, let’s say a Facebook Ad, happens to pop into your feed, then great. That is you entering the conversation.

On the flip side of that, we have Google Ads.

The Google Searcher

For me, generally speaking, I don’t know that I need a roof until I need a roof. Right? And so I prefer to get in front of the customers who are actively looking for roofing services because they know and they’ve established that they actually need a roof.

Now, that’s not to say that Facebook is not a great platform to generate leads, right? Especially if a storm happens. If a storm happens, then Facebook is more than the best platform for you to get on and let people know that “Hey, we are in your area. There is a recent storm that happened. Be sure to get a contractor to come out, check out, and inspect the roof,” and overall just get in front of the people within a specific zip code within a specific area, so that you’re able to get in front of them whenever that storm happens, even though they might not know that the room may be in jeopardy.

And so this is a good opportunity for you to get in front of them, educate them, and then request that estimate.

The Facebook Searcher vs the Google Searcher

I see a lot of ads out there just going just straight to the point request a free estimate. You haven’t given the person that’s looking at you on Facebook a reason to request an estimate from you.

This is one of the main reasons why I like the searcher that is going to Google. Because they already know. They believe that they have a roofing problem. It may be from a leak in the ceiling or shingles curling or missing, right? This is them knowing that they have a roofing problem.

When that person knows that they have a problem, they’ll typically head over to Google. This is unless they already have a roofer in mind. If they already have a roofer in mind, then they’re not gonna go out and Google and try to find you.

But the majority of people don’t have a roofer in mind. And so they typically go to Google, and they look for a contractor who is reputable and local. This way, they’re able to see the kinds of reviews that other people have said about such company, right?

From there, they’ll be able to contact the ones that stand out to them, and that is the primary reason why I like Google. Because they’re intent is there.

Buyers’ funnel

If we look at a buyers’ funnel, right, at the top of the funnel, we are at the awareness stage. Right?

This is where Facebook comes into play extremely well. We need to make the customers aware that there may be a problem with their roof. We want to enter that conversation.

Whereas at the bottom of the funnel, the guys who end up being quality leads, you have the people who know in their minds that they have a roofing problem.

And so, from that point, they’re able to say to themselves, “Okay, I need a roofer. I need someone to give me an estimate because I can clearly see that there’s something going on.”

And so at the bottom of the funnel there, you have your Google people.

At the top of the funnel, there’s a little bit more work involved. You need to make them aware and start bringing them down the funnel until they ultimately contact you.

That is the difference between the two here.

Things to consider

Don’t make the mistake of heading over to Facebook and just throw an ad out there and say “Get a free estimate.” That’s typically not gonna work unless there is a storm that just happened. If you just do that and people clearly know that, “I need a roof. I need a new roof because X, Y, and Z happened to my roof because of such a storm,” then sure.

Otherwise, nobody knows that they need a roof until they need a roof. And so you need to make them aware if you’re gonna do that through Facebook.

If you’re gonna do it on Google, it’s straightforward, they’re already there searching for you. It’s your job to now become visible. So that’s the primary reason why I like Google. It’s straightforward.

Ad spend

Now the downside to that is that it’s a bit more pricey. It’s a bit more expensive than Facebook. If you know what you’re doing on Facebook, then that can be much cheaper than it is on Google. However, there is a lot of work that can be put into that Facebook campaign.

Now when it comes to Google, it is straightforward, and you will see typically higher quality leads, because they are contacting you to come out and give them an estimate. That is the difference there. The better quality leads typically lie on Google.

So here’s the difference:

We have Facebook where you’ll get cheaper leads, yes, but the quality of those leads will also be kind of poor; whereas on Google, it’s a bit more expensive. However, the quality of those leads is typically much higher.

Let me know in the comments, which platform are you currently using to generate and attract leads for your company?

Staying visible

Now putting the ads aside, the two platforms.

On Facebook, you typically have your personal Facebook page, as well as your business page. And so when you’re posting on those two things on your personal and your business, you generally have those posts go out to people who already know you. They already have a connection with you, whereas a lot of people don’t even know about this, but Google also has a post feature.

You need to have a Google My Business listing, of course. But there is a post feature that enables you to get in front of people who are online and looking for your services.

Doing posts on a daily basis on Facebook is great to stay on top of mind of the people who are already connected with you, people who already know you. On Google, you’re putting out a post on a daily basis that’s going out to people who don’t know your company. And so you’re getting in front of new eyeballs, new traffic.

That’s also one of the reasons why I like Google very much.

Not to say that Facebook is not a good platform to use, it definitely is. You wanna stay active there. Stay in front of those people. When that time comes, they’ll know to themselves, “Hey, that guy used to post a lot “about their roofing company, “maybe I should give them a shot.”

You’ve already built that rapport with them, right? But for the people who are in the market of looking for our roofing services, then Google is a very good platform for them.