5 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Aren’t Working and How You Can Optimize?

Google ads are one of the best channels for your marketing goals. When it comes to unsuccessful Google ads campaign it very tiring and you end up losing a lot of money but don’t give up. There are many factors why your Google ads could be underperforming. Let’s discuss some of the common factors –

1.Keywords – You really need to nail keywords which is why tweaking and testing should be part of your strategy. If you choose broad match type keywords then Google will place your ads in front of a large number of audiences who aren’t relevant, so you’ll end up with fewer clicks and a higher ad spends. Although audience size is less than broad match type keywords, exact match type keywords are the right choice along with phrase match type keywords and modified bord match type keywords. Set parameters and keep testing what are the keywords that are generating clicks and get rid of the irrelevant and low performing keywords.

2. Irrelevant Ads Copy – Make sure your ads are relevant if your ad doesn’t match the searcher’s intent, you won’t get enough clicks to justify your ads clicks and also the bounce rate will be high. Your ad copy should be relevant to the keywords you are bidding on and your ad should solve the pain point of your target audience. Also, your ad should be relevant to your website products for example if you are selling products through Google shopping campaign, make sure you are fully transparent with your audience. You have the option to create multiple ads per campaign, split test your ads and figure out what works best.

3. Bid Strategy – Bid strategy is one of the key factors of Google ads. When it comes to bidding, Google provides you manual and automated bid strategy options. Make sure you are setting up the right bid strategy for your ad campaigns and set the most optimized campaign budget. Look into your competitors and bid on keywords according to place your ads on the top of the search result or first page and constantly optimizing your bid to get ahead of the competition.

4. Quality Score – Quality Score(QS) is a factor in how Google determines how your ad should rank. The higher your Quality Score, the better the placement of your ads. If your Quality Score is low, You will have fewer chances to convert. Always look into Quaily Score and keep improving it to get more eyeballs on your ads.

5. Poor Landing Page Experience – The user experience of your landing page is one of the key factors Google is looking for. What does your user see when they click on your ad? Is your landing page relevant? Does your landing page solve your user’s pain point or what they are looking for? Always make you include all these factors when creating your landing page and your user should have a great experience with your landing page.